Haymillian: Target, Latin America

by @todotvnews the 04/07/2017

Present in the region since 2012, Latin America is now one of the main growth targets for the company specialized in dubbing and translation, said Managing Director Aida Martirosyan, to ttvnews.

Based in London, present in over 20 countries and working with more than 64 languages, dubbing and translation company Haymillian is currently eying Latin America as a region to grow in, a market they disembarked in back in 2012.
"The region is an extremely important one for us and boasts some of our biggest clients, be it for the import or export of content in various genres. The continued growth of online streaming services allows content owners to reach beyond their local borders which in turn has brought a surge in the demand for high quality localization combined with a fast turnaround time," Aida Martirosyan, managing director at Haymillian, said to ttvnews.
Last year, the company appointed Dolores Irazabal to the role of Head of Sales for the region, supervising the Hispanic market in the US.
To date, they've adapted thousands of hours of content in Latin America, both in Spanish and Portuguese, with more than 1200 movies and documentaries in markets like Argentina, Mexico and Brazil.
Martirosyan defines Haymillian as a company that specializes in "localization" more than translation, since local cultural references, dialects and idioms are fundamental in its work.
"As a localization specialist, it is our responsibility to know each region, each culture, and each dialect inside out, hence the importance of having a local presence. Latin American Spanish is one of the most demanded languages that we are requested to localize. Thanks to our team of in-country professionals we can offer subtitling and dubbing services, both from a foreign language to Latin American Spanish, or alternatively, from Latin American Spanish to another language," the executive said.
"It's this attention to detail and the superior quality of our projects that has given us the reputation that we now hold."
Among its newest clients and projects, stand companies like ¡Hola! TV, for whom they're adaptingStars in Style; Miracol Media, with the documentary To End a War about the peace process in Colombia; Pampa film, for whom they are dubbing Dictablanda, by John Cusack.
"We are also in the process of dubbing and subtitling content into Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese for multiple clients, both for TV and Video-on-Demand platforms. We pride ourselves for the quality and speed of our work, and place huge importance in our level of customer service. As such, clients who initially approach us for smaller projects, often return with bigger and longer-term projects," Martirosyan added.
Aside from Latin America, Haymillian also has clients in the US, Asia, China, Russia, Eastern Europe, France, Spain, Germany, the Middle East and Africa, among others.
BabyTV, INsight TV, All Media and FremantleMedia are a few of its clients in those regions.
In terms of genres, the executive said the company is open to working with all of them and has had favorable experiences in multiple territories.
"Within our international team we have the necessary talents and skills to localize almost any content genre. In certain regions, such as in Asia and MEA, we work in partnership with local companies which strengthens our service offering," the executive explained. 
"The content genres that are commissioned to us are mostly dependent on viewing trends and what’s most popular at that time. For example, the last 12 to 18 months have seen a huge increase in popularity in original series, extreme sports, and kids’ TV programming. As such we have collaborated on localizing many of these productions, both for subtitling and dubbing."