All eyes on Africa

All Eyes On Africa

Africa’s TV market is promising a bright future for VoD and OTT services, especially for those delivering content with a local appeal.

In the wake of Haymillian’s expansion into the African market, we have taken a great interest in the future of the continent’s television landscape, especially the South African broadcasting arena. Research conducted by IDATE in June of 2017 reported that the sub-Saharan market, which it states is the world’s fastest-growing TV market, will expand by 30% come 2021. According to the report, Pay-TV subscriber bases are expected to nearly double and a growing number of OTT services will capitalize on Internet penetration in even the most remote corners of the continent.

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The Global Ascent of Spanish TV Content

The Global Ascent of Spanish TV Content

Increased distribution through SVOD platforms coupled with strategic co-productions puts Spanish TV fiction on the international map.

-          By Aida Martirosyan, MD Haymillian

Recent years have seen an increase in the production of native Spanish drama with many of the major SVOD platforms now offering several titles to their audiences across the world. Of all the Spanish titles I’ve seen thus far, my personal favourite which I stumbled upon on Netflix, is the action comedy “Heroes Wanted” (Cuerpo de élite), it’s just so much fun to watch!

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Client Corner- Q&A with iflix

 In this customer corner, we talk with Christian Testmann, Global Director of Localization at iflix, a subscription video on demand (VOD) service focused on emerging markets. Haymillian provides iflix with dubbing and closed captioning services.

1. iflix first launched its services in Malaysia and the Philippines in May 2015 and has since then become the leading mass market Internet television service in Southeast Asia. Can you tell us a bit about your beginnings and how Internet TV consumption has grown in Asia?

The company was started with a huge desire to provide top content in emerging markets, which was a completely neglected area of the OTT business previously.

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Client Corner Q&A with Hola TV

Our customers are important to us and for that reason we give them a voice on our blog. Here we talk to Adolfo Álvarez Rivas, VP On-Air Programming at Hola ! TV:

1. Three years old and reaching more than 20 million homes, what an achievement!  Please tell us more about Hola! TV

¡HOLA! TV’s content offer has gradually increased over three years reaching more than 22 million homes, expanding its presence in the market and producing more than 700 hours of original productions.

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04/01 - Dubbing Talent Shortage

Where Has All the Professional Dubbing Talent Disappeared To?

Opinion Piece: Aida Martirosyan - Managing Director, Haymillian

The media localization industry is experiencing a shortage of professional dubbing talent because most dubbing studios are based in the same geographical locations. There are solutions, but for these to happen, flexibility and open-mindedness from all concerned parties will be key. Here are my 2-cents on what moves we need to make before we reach the point of saturation.

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