16/11 - Non-English Drama Exports Escalate

Non-English Drama Exports Escalate Across the Globe

Has the media entertainment industry accepted that 95% of the world’s population speaks a language other than English?

European, notably non-English speaking dramas, continue their acceleration across the globe, many finding success both locally and internationally. In the not too distant past, foreign language content was essentially destined for its country of origin. The advent of streaming platforms, however, have collapsed borders and barriers bringing opportunities previously unimagined.

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13/10 - Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight: How Turkey Has Become The Second Biggest TV Exporter In The World

Senay Filiztekin, Head of Drama Acquisitions at Turkey’s Global Agency talks to us about the rise in demand for non-English series and formats, and how Turkish TV content has taken the world by storm.

Who can resist falling in love with the heart-gripping plots and dramatic storylines that characterizes Turkish drama? If the numbers are anything to go by, viewers across the globe have certainly become attached to content originating from this culturally rich territory. Indeed, the latest statistics show that the Turkish TV industry has grown enormously on the international stage during the last decade - with export revenues expected to hit $350m per year by the end of 2017. That’s some achievement considering that in a few short years Turkey has become the second highest TV series exporter after the United States!

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25/07 - The Curious Case of Adapting Russian Comedy

The Curious Case of Adapting Russian Comedy

“Overrunning the allotted studio recording time is usually not a good sign. But, when it’s because the script is so funny that the voice actors can’t read the lines without laughing, you know that you’re onto something good! Recording the English adaptation of these notorious Russian comedies was one of the most enjoyable experiences in a dubbing studio that I have ever witnessed. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much!” - Aida Martirosyan, Managing Director at Haymillian.

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10/07 - Animated Film – A Driver of Learning Experience

Animated Film A Key Driver In A Child’s Learning Experience

Animated audio-visual productions are increasingly at the heart of children’s learning experiences – be it at home or at school. The arrival of digital technologies in the classroom allows kids, who would otherwise struggle, to better grasp the curriculum. Learning through film is an entertaining and fun experience that has the power to stimulate the child in a way that a book cannot.

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18/05 - Understanding the Fine-Art Dubbing

Understanding the Fine-Art Dubbing

Did you know that most titles are produced with little to no consideration of nascent international versions?

I moved to France in the mid-nineties when the sitcom “Friends” was making waves across the world. Coming from Ireland, I was accustomed to watching the original series with the “real” voices. While it took me some time to adapt to the dubbed version, within a few short weeks I was keenly following the series in French and had all but forgotten what the real character’s voices sounded like.  

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